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Russ Morphew

Russ Morphew

Aberystwyth University

Originally from Kent, Dr Russ Morphew is a Reader of Biochemistry and Parasitology at Aberystwyth University since 2013.   Russ moved to Aberystwyth in the late 90s to undertake a degree at the university and is now consider an Aberystwyth ‘Lifer’ having completed both his undergraduate degree, 1997-2000, and his PhD, 2003-2007, at Aberystwyth and has remained at the university ever since. His research focusses on the discovery and development of improved control options for veterinary helminth parasites including flukes, tapeworms and roundworms. Using protein biochemistry technologies his research aims to improve diagnostics and chemotherapeutics and has maintained a strong link to the industry throughout with projects involving farming unions, levy bodies, research labs and pharma. Some current research focuses on improving liver fluke diagnostics and understanding the impact of rumen fluke on the ruminant microbiome.